That Bastard Kurtis is the son of the late That Frog Kurtis, from the television hit, Black Dynamite. That Bastard Kurtis wanted revenge against Black Dynamite, for killing his father, That Frog Kurtis on national TV. Years later, after growing up from a tadpole, That Bastard Kurtis had saw Daddy Dynamite, (Black Dynamite's father) walking out of the whorphanage (Black Dynamite's business for Hoes and Orphans). upon seeing this, That Bastard Kurtis had talked and convinced Daddy Dynamite to join him in a church service back at his own town (TBK's town). daddy Dynamite agreed, and got in the car with TBK and they had drove off. Elsewhere, Black Dynamite had been with his crew and the Whorphanage at the local skating rink, before being attacked and shot at by TBK's minions. They had then explained to Black Dynamite, TBL's plans for getting revenge. Black Dynamite and co, had rushed off to save Daddy Dynamite from being killed. Upon his arival, Black Dynamite was found talking to Daddy Dynamite by TBK and his Islam Brothers. TBK then slapped black Dynamite with a gun, and threatened him by saying next, he'd slap him with a frog dick. But, Black Dynamite took advantage and punched TBK away from him, but TBK ordered his Islam Brothers to kill Black Dynamite and co, by shooting them but they all missed. Black Dynamite then grabbed TBK and was about to kill him, but Daddy Dynamite put a stop to it, because he didn't want the cycle to continue. TBK and Black Dynamite then apologized for what they had done to hurt each other and made up. TBK then tried to ask if Daddy Dynamite would be his Daddy too, along with Black Dynamite, but keep him at his house. Daddy Dynamite refused, seeing they were both adults, or referred to as Grown up Frogs and Dynamites. And that was how it all ended, BEFORE going to the skating rink (Everyone went, including Honey Bee, Bull Horn, Cream Corn and the orphans) And had a skate session before blacking out, thus ending the season.